--Mayor Curatone of Summerville working with Seed Systems on climate change


"After 17 years as a line manager making cars on the Factory Floor at Ford, I joined the corporate governance team. I am constantly searching for an integration of organizational learning and culture change practices with economic, environmental and societal performance. You possess these talents. Your knowledge of content and understanding of the complexity that surrounds this work is brilliant."

-- Dave Berdish, Ford Motor

"Seed Systems’ design for learning and sustainability is masterful. They bring a unique blend of skills, knowledge and commitment to this work. .”

-- Peter Senge, SoL Chairman


 "Do we have to change the way we think prosperity internally? Slowing down, wellbeing. Are we willing to make some fundamental changes? Giving value not only to money, but to quality of life?"

--Cheryl Campbell



What We Do

Here’s our vision: abundant health, prosperity, food, water and energy for 7 billion of us as well as all the inhabitants of this magnificent planet that gives us life. We created Seed Systems in 1994 to accelerate bold change in pursuit of this audacious vision. We do this by using the tools and methods of systems thinking and organizational learning -- now honed in over two decades practice -- to create sustainability. We have worked with leaders and organizations at every scale of human enterprise, in every sector, consulting, coaching, and capacity building, speaking and authoring several books.


Our signature offering is “sustainability from the inside out” -- radical renewal for our clients to catalyze the missions they serve.