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Systems Thinking Course

Want to build your organization’s capacity to turn Systems Thinking insights into powerful action? We have a proven 2-day course to accelerate your ability to understand Systems and to put that new knowledge into action immediately.


Through simple but powerful approaches, your team will learn and apply:

  • 5 core principles of Systems
  • Introduction to Systems Archetypes
  • “Iceberg” in practice: Events, Patterns Structures, Mental Models, Vision and their connection to each other.
  • Skills in Causal Loop Diagramming to make systems visual
  • Highest leverage actions informed by your systems analysis
  • Tools for “Systems in the Room” multi-stakeholder convening

We use the following ten-step model developed in collaboration with Linda Booth Sweeney. Its power is in taking complex systems theory and making it immediately actionable.



Our Systems Thinking course has been continuously refined and improved (to achieve its now stellar state) in over twenty years of application in Fortune 500s, the US Federal Government, National Non-Profits, Academia and Public open enrollment.


systems thinking in action


In addition to our 2-day course, we specialize in customized courses in “Systems Thinking for a Sustainable Future and in “Systems Thinking from the inside (you) out (the change you want to see in the world)”


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