"You are a miracle worker. You're work is amazing!"

--Eileen Fisher, Founder and CEO EILEEN FISHER


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Darcy Winslow and Sara Schley


"Your work helped set Nike on a journey of sustainability from which there is no return. A decade later the impacts of the program that you designed and ran still resonate deeply with the organization and within the 100 leaders who became true agents of change. It's amazing how powerful the legacy has been. It created and launched dozens of landmark projects that continue to deliver against our 2020 goals. These 100 leaders continue to influence Nike’s work around the world."

-- Darcy Winslow and Sarah Severn, Nike


"After 17 years as a line manager making cars on the Factory Floor at Ford, I joined the corporate governance team. I am constantly searching for an integration of organizational learning and culture change practices with economic, environmental and societal performance. You possess these talents. Your knowledge of content and understanding of the complexity that surrounds this work is brilliant."

-- Dave Berdish, Ford Motor


"First, THANK YOU. This workshop was transformative for me, a big piece in my journey on climate change so far. It feels like the pace on this journey is accelerating - one of your 'virtuous cycles'. I'm curious as to whether the level of engagement and innovative thought that happened at this workshop is typical or unusual? If it's typical, I'm switching careers!"

-- Juliette Varney Rooga, Professor UMass Lowell; Director Climate Change Initiative


Sustainability Consulting

How we do it:  

Our ABC's: Accelerated Bold Change in 10 steps

  1. Personal Vision: Identify and connect to your own purpose
  2. Shared Vision: Create collective power by joining your purpose with others
  3. Current Reality: What's happening now
  4. Identify the gap between your Vision and your Current Reality: sometimes known as "creative tension," this is the energy that powers your change
  5. Systems mapping: We map the system to figure out our strategy for bridging the gap between your audacious vision and your current day to day.
  6. Leverage: From the map, identify areas of highest leverage for effective action.
  7. Do the Right Thing: take Action with other key stakeholders:  Action X, by People Y, by Time Z
  8. Change the World!!   
  9. CELEBRATE, Reflect, learn
  10. Rest and Renew your Vision                                                                                                  

Thus we marry audacious Vision and bold Action: sky is the limit, ground is where it happens. Do both and change the world.


  Sustainability in our view is about creating a world where all life thrives forever, and every business, community, organization and person plays a key role. This is a life long practice: a way of doing and being in the world.


 Our strength is creating sustainability-inspired, system-wide innovation. As pioneers of this work, we conceived the concept of  “learning for sustainability” in 1994. Fostering leadership, learning and culture transformation inside of some of the world’s most dynamic businesses as well as convening and facilitating multi-stakeholder systems-wide initiatives, Seed Systems has helped move sustainability from a fringe concept to a core practice in organizations and communities worldwide.




Solving the world’s toughest challenges: Why do anything less?     


We convene and fostering communities of learning and action to address the complex challenges of achieving sustainable outcomes for people, planet and profit.


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Getting there requires internal capacity building in the skills essential to innovation across boundaries. There are many technical aspects to achieving sustainability that we have great respect for. In addition to these what we support: exploring mental models, testing assumptions, asking the right questions, understanding diverse viewpoints, sharing vision and understanding the systems and its areas of leverage for effective action is equally as essential to creating the change we seek. Inspired by and working with fundamental sustainability frameworks from colleagues such as Karl Henrik Robert's The Natural Step,  Paul Hawken and Amory Lovins' Natural Capitalism, Bill McDonough et al's Cradle to Cradle, Janine Benyus' Bio Mimicry, Donella Meadows' Thinking in Systems, and Peter Senge's Five Disciplines principles help orient all participants towards a shared understanding of the non-negotiable natural laws of sustainability on our planet.


The skills and disciplines learned by organizations and communities produce action on the ground toward sustainability outcomes. Ongoing coaching and follow up ensures that learning continues, deliverables are met, accountability is taken, relationships across boundaries are strengthened, understanding of the system is deepened and innovation is accelerated.