"There are no words to sufficiently describe the depth of my gratitude for all you have done for me. Your insights, wisdom and experience have helped me to reframe the way I view my role, my work and what I call success. You have brought so much to bear, and I am grateful for all of it."

-- E Phelps


"Everyone was awed by your incredible talents and feel privileged to experience coaching a la Seed Systems. . . You are a lifesaver"

-- K O'Dea


Sara is skilled and loving.  Strong, forthright, and supporting.  A woman connected to me from some other lifetime I imagine as I feel as though I have known her for a long time.  When she stepped me out of the scenario I had created to analyze it…to review it…and I looked into her eyes…it was as though we had done this before together.  There was a clarity in her eyes, a partnering that was so familiar to me.  A strength that connected to my strength.

-- Susan



Soul and Strategy Summits

"If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them."

 -- Henry David Thoreau


Powerful change in the world requires two things. Audacious vision AND focused action. Does your team need new inspiration and practical focus? Come spend a Soul and Strategy Day with us at our River Story Center for Radical Renewal and return home with both.


Here’s how this works.

Juliette who is a UMass Professor, Mother of 3 small sons, serves on the Mayor’s commission for Climate Change in her city and is a founder and leader of the Climate Change Initiative at her University chose to take a day out of her massively busy schedule for  Soul and Strategy with us. Her intention was to rest, renew, re-boot her vision and walk away with a clear set of priorities and actions to manifest that vision. Then bring these new insights back to her family, her community and her colleagues.


Here’s what she wrote soon after, “Thank you for a grounding, wonderful day. I'm definitely in better shape to tackle the biggest problems in my world. Then at our CCI Planning Workshop, you once again demonstrated your ability to foster transformative organizational change. I also feel empowered to be even more bold in my leadership.  Thanks to our day with you, we have a shared vision of what we want to achieve, a renewed commitment to our collective work, and a plan for how to move towards our goals."


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"People will come to your paradise for anything you invite them to! Let me know when you start. I’m coming up from Brazil".

-- Amalia Souza, Executive Director, CASA, Brazil and Dana Meadows Fellow