“Amazing!  I had such a powerful life changing experience.  Another essential step on my path to personal transformation.  This is what it feels like to be strong and clear and free!”

--Eileen Fisher


My experience with you led to a deep and profound shift within me that allows me to have the embodiment, knowledge, and imagination of how my power and light are inextricably linked.  The two together create a whole.  Feeling my power from within is a very new feeling for me.  I continue to reflect and reflect on the experiences as it reveals more and more insights to me.  I treasure this shift as embodying one's own power, especially as a woman, is something I deeply want to model for my daughter and my son.  


Completing my shadow work with Sara, the words that emerged were "Fierce Grace", the quality I felt in my interiority and in the field.  I was accompanied by friends who have held my feet to the fire for years. The container allowed for Sara's mastery to flow with precision, compassion and dynamic creativity.  The great mystery itself moved through her, transforming me and those I witnessed in this sacred work. I feel strength that is clean.  I sense blessing that is empowering and pure. I will return to the crucible again --Sarita Chawla


Sara’s Shadow work coaching has unveiled a mosaic in my life of sharp shards that I am coming into relationship with and finding beauty, a torrent of creativity that I have longed for and a connection to source that for whatever reason I have cut myself off from... my feet are in love with the ground, my sense of time transformed... I'm breathing in the blessing --Stephanie Ryan


I am calm and thoughtful, clear, empty yet full.  The experience was honoring and sacred for me.  I see the faces of each person who surrounded me with love and support.  Sara is skilled and loving, strong, forthright, and supporting.  There is clarity in her eyes, a partnering, a strength that connected to my strength.Sara,I thank you from deep within for your grace and love- for your ability to hold me so safely and closely.--Susan Wilson


I felt a deep trust in Sara the first time I met her. She has facilitated me through two very powerful Shadow Work sessions over the 7 years since. Sara brings a mix of intense passion for the work and the ability to create a rock-solid safe place to explore deep-seated issues. She'll guide you through your own unique emotional landscape safely and effectively. You can trust that she won't let you get lost in your darkness (no matter how dark) and will coach, shepherd, cheer-lead, and inspire you to a new version of yourself. -- Gayle Huntress


 There are no words to sufficiently describe the depth of my gratitude for all you have done. Your insights, wisdom and experience have helped me to reframe the way I view my role, my work and what I call success. You have brought so much to bear, and I am grateful for all of it.     -- Eric


Shadow Work Facilitation


From Sara Schley about FIT for Life:


The Shadow work

Shadow work ®, is a personal transformation technology based on Jung’s concept of the “shadow.” Developed by Cliff Barry with his unique synthesis of ancient and modern tools for healing, Shadow work explores those parts of self that we have disowned due to past wounds from culture, family or other. These wounds form “painful, persistent, patterns” that limit our ability to experience our natural birth-rite: freedom, joy, love and power. The Shadow work process helps us reclaim these parts and integrate them in a way that allows for our full vitality.


The Process

We do this by creating a safe, compassionate, confidential, “container” for the work made of a circle of colleagues or friends who are committed to personal transformation. One person chooses to “step to the center” to do her or his work. Others in the circle support that person through their presence and/or by playing roles that represent parts of that person’s psyche. The roles are chosen by the participant and uncovered through co-inquiry with the facilitator.


Your Facilitator

I’ve been a Shadow work practitioner for over 20 years. As one of the founders of “Women in Power” a leadership initiation based on Shadow work, I’ve had the privilege of working with 100s of women using this form. I’ve also worked with plenty of men, including my husband and partner in this work, Joe Laur who I met during a shadow work process when he agreed to play the role of my ideal lover!


The Result

In the end, the work is not only about each person finding their "original blessing" of freedom, integration and transformation, but also about deepening the field of compassion and connection in the whole circle that is present. This is a huge gift for any organization or community seeking to build a culture of compassion, insight, connection, and power that is sourced in love.


An Invitation

If you are ready to address and transform the painful, persistent, patterns in your life that have yet to be healed despite all your worthy attempts, Shadow work may be for you. Listen below to the comments of some of our participants. For more, contact us to explore how you can experience this healing work for yourself.


Sara Schley is a Certified Shadow Work® Group Facilitator and co-creator of the Women In Power program. She is a coach, consultant, facilitator and thinking partner to individuals, organizations, networks and communities, currently the Sustainability Advisor to EILEEN FISHER Vision 2020. Sara is co-founder of Seed Systems, a company dedicated to personal and planetary healing. She is the creator of numerous collaboratives for global sustainability, including the international SoL Sustainability Consortium. Sara She is a published author of several books, most recently Secrets of the 7th Day: How Everyone can Find Renewal through the Wisdom and Practices of the Sabbath. She is a facilitator, speaker and teacher in the areas of social diversity, environmental sustainability and personal development. More about Sara's work can be found at www.SeedSystems.net. Sara and Joe are parents of young twins plus a few more grown kids and live in rural western Massachusetts. You can reach Sara by email at sara@seedsystems.net.


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