"You who is always so appreciative and gracious with your praise... I am bowing to kiss your feet... your coaching has unveiled a mosaic in my life of sharp shards that I am coming into relationship with and finding beauty, a torrent of creativity that I have longed for and a connection to source that for whatever reason I have cut myself off from... my feet are in love with the ground, my sense of time transformed... I'm breathing in the blessing .... "


River Story Initiations

Your Time and Place for Sustainability from the Inside Out

Is your story a rut story or a river story?” 

--Dawna Markova


River Story is about moving beyond perceived limitations and claiming your audacious, bold vision for a world that works for all 7 billion of us plus everyone else who shares our magnificent planet. Join us in meeting the challenge of our lifetime: leading sustainability, transforming large systems, healing the world -- from the inside out.


Inside you:

  • Expansive time outdoors: the river, the woods, the fields, the stars
  • Emotional Resilience: Shadow Work TM archetypes and practice for emotional depth and power
  • Contemplative Practice: for ongoing personal renewal; yoga, writing, reflection
  • “Sabbath Unplugged:” experience the gifts of going “Wi Fi Free” for 26 hours



Outside you: 


  • Re-energize your sustainability vision and purpose
  • Apply systems archetypes and mapping to achieve that purpose
  • Practice “systems in the room:” skills for social and ecological transformation
  • Understand and act on nature’s living systems principles




You’ll return home with:


  • Restored vitality and vision
  • Renewed daily practices to sustain your energy and health
  • Sustenance and wisdom from time outdoors
  • Increased emotional resilience and flexibility for these turbulent times
  • An integrated systemic, strategic plan: personal purpose, professional mission and planetary healing
  • Connection to a circle of capable visionaries who share your passion for sustainability from the inside out





 “Your work helped set Nike on a journey of sustainability from which there is no return. A decade later the impacts of the program still resonate deeply within the 100 leaders who became true agents of change and continue to influence Nike’s work around the world. It's amazing how powerful the legacy is.”   

— Darcy Winslow and Sarah Severn 


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