Agenda Weekend

River Story Initiation Agenda & Flow of the Weekend

August 23-26


Thursday - 23rd

Friday - 24th

Saturday - 25th

Sunday - 26th

7:00am Morning Practice Morning Practice Morning Practice Morning Practice
8:00am Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Pack Up & Breakfast
9:00am AM Session 1 Outer Systems 1 Solo Prep Living Systems Principles
break break break Convening Complex Systems
11:00am AM Session 2 Outer Systems 2 Solo Outdoors Integration & Commitments
12:00pm Lunch & R&R Lunch & R&R Lunch & R&R Closing circle & Lunch
2:00pm PM Session Participants Arrive! Inner Systems 1 Writing Outdoors Depart for Home
4:00pm break

Opening Session,

Check in

Inner Systems 2 R&R Unplugged

Organic Gourmet

Dinner Prep

Dinner Prep Dinner Prep Dinner Prep


Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
8:00pm Evening Event Content, Curriculum Matrix Sauna & River Plunge Bonfire +