I am calm and thoughtful, clear, empty yet full.  The experience was honoring and sacred for me.  I see the faces of each person who surrounded me with love and support.  Sara is skilled and loving, strong, forthright, and supporting.  There is clarity in her eyes, a partnering, a strength that connected to my strength. Sara, I thank you from deep within for your grace and love- for your ability to hold me so safely and closely. -- Susan


There are no words to sufficiently describe the depth of my gratitude for all you have done. Your insights, wisdom and experience have helped me to reframe the way I view my role, my work and what I call success. You have brought so much to bear, and I am grateful for all of it.     -- Eric
Your work changed my life. Your work saved my life.  -- Marsia
Everyone was awed by your incredible talents and feel privileged to experience coaching a la Seed Systems. . . You are a lifesaver    -- Katherine

I have deep gratitude for the gift of our coaching session. Your facilitation shone with clarity, depth, and love and created a space of deep safety, consciousness and healing.    -- Marcia
Your facilitation WOWED me and was completely right on. Your work shines with grace, elegance, wisdom and the truth of your own personal journey. You are dynamite in this realm.    -- Deborah              





River Story Center

Sustainability from the Inside Out

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

-- Mahatma Gandhi


Heal and transform the world. Heal and transform yourself. The two are intimately and ultimately linked. It’s that simple. Watch this 7-minute video and join us in growing a community of visionary leaders who are healing the world from the inside out.



Watch and listen to Seed Systems and River Story Founder Sara Schley in an interview with Interaction Associates’ Ashley Welch to discover the inner and outer disciplines necessary to achieve personal and planetary balance, healing and transformation. Sustaining the world from the inside out!




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