Innovating For Sustainable Enterprise

"We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them."

--Albert Einstein

Innovating  For Sustainable Enterprise provides business, organizational and community leaders with the strategic frameworks, practical tools and learning community they need to build a genuinely sustainable enterprise. An enterprise that is developing sustainably is one that uses innovation and knowledge creation to consistently increase the value it provides to stakeholders and society, while relentlessly reducing the energy and material intensity of its operations and the products and services it generates. The ISE experience provides an opportunity to learn together to grow sustainable enterprise while meeting the “triple bottom line” of sustainability: achieving the economic, ecological and social value necessary to meet our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


There is growing awareness that economic development, in addition to its benefits worldwide, is straining the natural global infrastructure that supports our economic prosperity. This recognition is coming about as the world begins the transition from an economy based on consumption and linear material flows to one that emphasizes information flows, resource productivity, renewable resources, and cyclical, waste-free processes. Firms that recognize these trends and build strategies accordingly will be able to capitalize on new business opportunities.


Our objectives for this course are as follows: 

  1. To create vision and strategies in alignment with basic principles for sustainable development. 
  2. To use the concepts, tools and methods of systems thinking and accelerated learning to expand capacity to build sustainable enterprise. 
  3. To expand our horizons and mental models to see the economic system embedded within and defined by the broader society and  ecosystems and to let that awareness become a core design concept guiding strategies. 
  4. To begin to see the leverage points and opportunities where each of us can make a difference in meeting the triple bottom line. 
  5. To develop a community of learners who are colleagues in the pursuit of creating sustainable development processes, practices and results. 


Those who engage in the strategic thinking necessary to get ahead of the curve on issues of sustainability will gain competitive advantage, as well as the gratitude of succeeding generations. They will be able to build organizations that will thrive in a world increasingly defined by global economic pressures, unprecedented transparency, social justice imperatives, and the laws of nature. We hope you will join us.