"Sara's facilitation gifted me an opportunity to see the ways I keep myself from what I most long for in my life and by doing this with dear friends I've known for over fifteen years, we've deepened our own relationship, offering me a way to both understand better and have more compassion for the ways we all with the best of intentions create untenable structures in our lives. This embodied awareness is offering me new choices in how I engage with myself and others." 

--Steph Ryan


Completing my shadow work with Sara, the words that emerged were "Fierce Grace", the quality I felt in my interiority and in the field.  I was accompanied by friends that have held my feet to the fire for years. The container allowed for Sara's mastery to flow with precision, compassion and dynamic creativity.  The great mystery itself moved through her, transforming me and those I witnessed in this sacred work. I feel strength that is clean.  I sense blessing that is empowering and pure. I will return to the crucible again.

--Sarita Chawla, Founder, Metalens, Senior Faculty, New Ventures West.



"Your place is mamesh chelkat Elohim Chayim - a land of the Living God. Cicero said that "Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtue, but the parent of all others," and this is how we feel about our time with you for Shabbat. It was an oasis on all levels and we feel grateful for your hospitality, sharing not only your home, but your beautiful hearts as well."
-- Ori Ha


Inner Landscape

 Inner Landscapes workshops and retreats focus on the territory within your mind, heart and soul.  This is for many of us, the ultimate frontier- getting to know and master the depths of our own being.  Our open enrollment programs, from day long retreats to yearlong intensives, are conceived to gently guide you through your inner world, as you engage with life’s challenges and your own unique purpose in a supportive, peaceful, natural setting. 


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   Sarita's Grandmother holding her grandson Rahul