Inner Landscape Apprenticeships

Working The Land While Working Your Soul

“As within, so without” is the second Principle of Hermetic philosophy. It means the way we experience and act in the outer world reflects who we are inside. We can change our experience of the outer world by doing our inner work, and lessons in the outer world can influence our inner states of being.


Inner Landscape work combines the inner and the outer. The concept is simple.  Working with experienced guides, we perform interesting tasks on the land; pruning fruit trees, making maple syrup, picking and pressing apples for cider, tending a vineyard, turning trees into buildings or firewood for winter, repairing old stone walls. We learn basic, practical, useful skills from sharpening tools to tending the soil.


As we work in the outer world, we reflect on inner world questions like “What is the deadwood I need to prune for my life?” “What is the sweet essence of my life I can boil down?” “What are the boundaries I need to tend to, and why?” This reflective practice of inner and outer helps us gain new insights into vision, mission and purpose in our lives, and clarify the issues we want to deal with.


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Come work with us on the land and learn more about your inner landscape, and the unique garden that is waiting there for you. Contact us for more information about which seasonal projects are currently underway