GuideDog Life Direction

GuideDog Life Direction Course

Your Field Guide For Powerful Living

clientuploads/GodsDoge-GuideDog.pngFor years I’ve used the name “GodsDog” in my writing, coaching, and music. I love the humility and grandiosity inherent in it, and it describes well my personal relationship with the presence we call G!D - the image of a loyal dog, scratching, sniffing, howling, running toward the Divine. 


I’ve also grown fond of the term “GuideDog” for consulting, coaching, and guidance to others. A GuideDog helps us see, hear and feel  what we cannot see, hear and feel ourselves, helps us go to places we cannot go alone, and faithfully serves our mission and purpose in life. This describes my practice of assisting others in their personal transformation and integration- A GuideDog for powerful living.


Some areas my personal practice covers:

Life Direction Work

Who are you, and who do you want to become?  



(Who/What do you serve?),  Meaning (What’s your life’s purpose?), Maturing (growing older and bolder), and Mattering (making a difference).Working together, we plan your work, and work your plan, with goals, process,  and milestones charted along the way.


Emotional Healing – Healing Family Of Origin, Growing Family Of Destiny

Both my work as a Rolfer and my years of Men’s work and Shadow Work with thousands of people have equipped me to help you uncover and heal your emotions and get them  flowing in the direction that serves you best. My approach is educative; surfacing and exploring your inner emotional systems so you can make changes in old patterns that may no longer work for you.


Spiritual Guidance – Getting Good With G!D

I use the characters G!D to describe that presence that encompasses everything on our lives, our world our universe. Like the movements of the oceans, the winds, and the stars, we may never fully comprehend the Presence And Power behind All, but we can set our course by it, forging a relationship with the Divine that nourishes our souls and makes us better human beings.

As a rabbinic student and long time spiritual seeker and G!D wrestler this is an area of particular passion for me , sitting with folks and explore the meaning within and ethic without that can come from a healthy relationship to the Divine. For many, if not most of us, the G!D we grew up with is not the G!D we want to grow old with.  Having a healthy relationship with the Source of All, however we perceive that, undergirds the rest of our relationships in our lives.


Body Performance- Rolfing Structural Integration

I have been a Certified Rolfer since 1977. This hands-on deep bodywork relieves stresses and misalignments in the body’s structure and systemically realigns and balances the body so it stands taller and straighter, moves more fluidly and comfortably, and performs at its’ best. Rolfing frequently brings old emotional material to the surface as well, facilitating a physical release of old emotional patterns.


Contact me at joe.laur@godsdog for schedule and rates