G!D, Sex, and Money

G!D*, Sex, and Money focuses on critical passages and areas in life where many of our core issues, deepest wounds and greatest potentials reside.


The workshop revolves around 3 key sets of questions;

  • What was the G!D* you grew up with? What is the G!D* you want to grow old with?
  • What did you learn from G!D* about sex, and what have you learned from sex about G!D*?
  • What is G!D*’s currency in your life?


The workshop is a mix of teaching, sharing in a safe, respectful environment, and experiential exercises.


Themes and topics include:

  • G!D*wrestling: Healing Deep Issues with the Divine
  • Public and Private Parts: The Sacred and the Shamed
  • Your Money or Your Life: From Net Worth to Self Worth
  • Holes to Wholes: Healing Our Family of Origin, Building Our Family of Destination


*Note: We use the spelling G!D for the Divine Presence in order to access a pronunciation that is familiar to most English speakers, while shifting the paradigm around what is essentially unnamable. It is used as a placeholder for that which is beyond any name, and encompasses all names..