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Eileen Fisher Offsite 2013


“Sara Schley and Joe Laur got us to have a real conversation with each other. They helped us to understand how connected a sustainable enterprise is to a healthy world.   Seed Systems enabled us to identify actions we could take to manifest our vision of a sustainable energy business.”                   

-- WS, Director of Renewable Energy, Northeast Utilities


"First, THANK YOU. This workshop was transformative for me, a big piece in my journey on climate change so far. It feels like the pace on this journey is accelerating - one of your 'virtuous cycles'. I'm curious as to whether the level of engagement and innovative thought that happened at this workshop is typical or unusual? If it's typical, I'm switching careers!"

-- Juliette Varney Rooga, Professor UMass Lowell


"Sara's facilitation gifted me an opportunity to see the ways I keep myself from what I most long for in my life and by doing this with dear friends I've known for over fifteen years, we've deepened our own relationship, offering me a way to both understand better and have more compassion for the ways we all with the best of intentions create untenable structures in our lives. This embodied awareness is offering me new choices in how I engage with myself and others." 

-- Steph Ryan

Courses & Capacity Building

Tools are essential to accomplish our goals and all of our courses provide the learner with solid new tools. But too few engagements focus on the tool user- and what good is my screwdriver if I can’t turn my wrist? Learning tools and gaining the skills to use them effectively can be referred to as capacity building.



We provide courses in capacity building for innovation and systems thinking in the service of sustainable enterprise and creating a world that works for all of us. These courses can be offered off the shelf, or tailored to your organization. Developing strong skills in systems thinking, accelerating individual and team learning, and fostering collaboration across silos are critical to achieving sustainable outcomes. Your team, your organization, your community can start the journey with one of these world class workshops. We’ve been excelling in capacity building for more than two decades working with organizations and leaders in every sector, and around the world. Join us to make a leap in your capacity to lead.


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