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"I have deep gratitude for the gift of our coaching session. Your facilitation shone with clarity, depth, love and created a space of deep safety, consciousness and healing".

-- M Wolff


"Your facilitation WOWED me and was completely right on. Your work shines with grace, elegance, wisdom and the truth of your own personal journey. You are dynamite in this realm."

-- D Mager



"What I experienced from the shadow work yesterday ws someone who is skillful, knowledgeable, openhearted, powerful and deep.  You were able to hold a dynamic experience together and pierce right through to the core of what needed to happen.  You were able to coach, to be tender, to push when needed and to guide to total joy in the end.  You were able to bridge the magic world with the mental world and help to unravel and restructure a story that had built up over decades.  Thank you for your beauty and grace in this process, there is no doubt that this is your work in the world.  I am honored to have you sharing this work with my community, the people I love and want to grow with."





Couples Course

Coming Together: Vision, Mission and Passion in Relationship

With “River Guides” Sara Schley and Joe Laur 


Are you and your partner seeking compelling vision, meaningful mission, and profound passion in your relationship? Do you find yourself repeating old patterns of conflict or boredom again and again, wearing your love and commitment thin? Do you just need some help with your relationship?


Join Sara Schley and Joe Laur and an intimate group of couples for a year long program designed to transform your relationship from the inside out. The course includes an offsite intensive weekend, monthly Skype coaching calls, a monthly Skype check in with your cohort, and structured “homework” assignments and goals to work on between sessions.


The intensive weekend takes place at River Story Center for Radical Renewal in Wendell MA. 


Our approach is aspirational rather than pathological: we help you uncover the vision, mission, and increased passion you seek in your relationship.


Contact us for dates and costs.


 “Loving, wise, and funny all at once.”