You who is always so appreciative and gracious with your praise... your coaching has unveiled a mosaic in my life of sharp shards that I am coming into relationship with and finding beauty, a torrent of creativity that I have longed for and a connection to source that for whatever reason I have cut myself off from... my feet are in love with the ground, my sense of time transformed... I'm breathing in the blessing .... 


Couples Coaching

Grace, Gratitude and Sacred Union

It is said that every intimate relationship begins with 6 people in the bed: You, your partner, and all 4 of your parents! Over time, in healthy relationships, only you and your partner remain in the bed. In troubled relationships, only your parents remain. All of us grow up with shadow in our lives, of grief, anger, fear and even suppressed joy.


Relationship brings these shadows into the open. Shadows emerge as you and your partner engage in the dance of intimacy. How do you wrestle with these in a way that allows each of you to heal and your partnership to flourish? If your goal is to find your way to deep intimacy, gain the compassion and tools for healing that will allow your relationship to be a path of spiritual evolution and fulfillment, this may be the opportunity for you.



Sessions take place at our River Story Center for Radical Renewal where we live on beautiful wooded acreage acres in Wendell Massachusetts, or may be done via Skype. Explore:

  • Your unique bonding patterns with each other

  • Systemic interactions in your partnership

  • Mission and purpose of your being together

  • Shadows of intimacy that inevitably arise in relationship

  • Transforming irritation and struggle into healing and joy

  • Integration, ongoing practice and next steps