Can We Talk?

Competent Conversations For Stellar Results

“The signals we give, yes, or no, or maybe, should be clear. The darkness around us is deep”

– William Stafford


Everything starts in conversation. Our words are creative. In the Creation story in Genesis, the world is spoken into being. Conversations lead to new ideas, to the building of societies and infrastructures, to forging marriages, families and communities, to launching business ventures, to sparking religious, political and social movements. Words have the power to shape results.  Improving the quality of our conversations invariably improves the results we achieve.


Can We Talk? Teaches  participants how  to create conversations that generate results. Identifying the type of conversations you need in order  to get the results you want, learning how to make effective agreements and handle breakdowns, advocating your position while understanding other points of view, skillful and genuine use of questions to forge agreement, putting hard feeling to work for better results, and understanding our own worldview and the worlds of other are all skill participants will walk away with and use.


Participants will learn: 

  • The ”Left Hand Column”: How Sharing Difficult Thoughts and Feelings Can Build Relationships 
  • The “Ladder of Inference” : How To Stop Jumping to Conclusions 
  • How to Advocate and Inquire Effectively
  • Distinguishing between Facts and Our Opinions
  • How to Make Effective  Requests, Agreements, Complaints, Apologies
  • Distinguishing between Different Moods and Types of Conversations
  • How To Put  Hard Feelings  To Work For Better Outcomes, 
  • Effective Dialogue for Deep Understanding 
  • Understanding Different World Views- and Discovering Our Own
  • Getting the System In The Room To Talk To Itself 
  • Crafting a Skillful Conversation.