Let's Go Shopping!

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EF BLOG #4 Seven years later. Amy Hall, EILEEN FISHER director of Social Consciousness calls. OK she didn’t exactly call, but she did choose to attend the Webinar I did on Integrating Sustainability from the Inside Out linking the inner work of personal healing with the outer work of global transformation. With Ashley Welch, inspired interviewer as partner I described four key inner practices that I refer to as, Unplug, Go Wild, Feal and Heal, and say Thank You and how these link to ...

EILEEN FISHER Empowering Women and Girls to Lead

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EILEEN FISHER Blog #2 Women and Power conference 2005, New York City. Some friends and I had recently created a women’s leadership transformation program called Women in Power. Doing R&D, we headed down to see what the women in NYC were up to. There we found about 1,000 women gathered in a hotel conference hall, the kind with no windows and chairs in neat rows. On the stage were women of some renown, Jane Fonda, Eve Ensler others. But what struck me most from this gathering was ...

EILEEN FISHER Rocking the Sustainability World

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I've been wearing EILEEN FISHER fashions since the day I got out of MBA School and realized I needed something other than jeans to show up as a consultant to Fortune 500s. Won’t tell you how long ago that was now, but let’s say north of two decades. Before I met Eileen and her cast of awesome leaders – mostly as you’d imagine, very stylish women -- I used to call myself the “poster child for EILEEN FISHER fashions” because I felt so right in her wardrobe. ...