Fomenting the Necessary Revolution Part 3: Put on Your Snowshoes and Move!

Posted by: Joe Laur on Monday, March 17, 2014.

In  our previous blog,Fomenting The Necessary Revolution, Part 2: How We Got Here,  we reviewed how human society fell out of step wiht natural law. The laws of nations and the laws of nature have been diverging for 200 years, and the laws of nature aren't changing anytime soon.


So given where we’ve been and where we need to head, how to begin? “The ocean is so big and my boat is so small”. Well, small steps are good. Many necessary revolutions have started and continued on the small steps of individuals. Think of a few patriots in Boston refusing to pay a tax on tea. Think of Gandhi marching to the sea to make salt and inviting others to do the same. Think of Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on the bus. Think of folks “tweeting’ all over the web, despite governments trying to stop them. Flowers still grow up through cracks the concrete, and eventually shatter it.


Small steps include:

·       Recycling one more thing- or everything you can.

·       Turning down the thermostat a couple degrees in winter and up in summer

·       Walking or riding a bike instead of driving

·       Planting a tree- preferably in the city

·       Buying products with recycled content- or at least asking for them

·       Planting a rooftop or windowsill garden and growing your own

·       Buying “green power” through your utility- or at least asking about it

·       Buy a carbon offset

·       Using reusable totes for groceries

·       Put a brick in your toilet tank

·       Anything you can think of- or find out about


OK, so none of it is enough by itself, but your personal impact isn’t the whole problem, either.  If our environmental dilemma is a proverbial”death by a thousand cuts”, then the answer just might be a thousand points of individual action. Gandhi said. “Whatever we do will be insignificant, but it is vitally important that we do it.”


So what are you doing to foment the necessary revolution? Watch these pages, and send your stories at


Next time: The Bubble Economy, or How to Land Softly.

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