Mesa Verde Goes Global

Posted by: Sara on Monday, November 12, 2012.

There’s’ a Mexican place nearby called Mesa Verde that makes great burritos, using local healthy ingredients, at a price that works for our family of 4. I was awed yesterday, when while listening to our small town radio, I heard the owner of Mesa Verde, a woman in her late 30s come on the air with this message (more or less.)

“Hi I’m ____ the owner of Mesa Verde. I love to eat at my place because it’s so healthy and affordable. But when I don’t want to eat Mexican, I go to Hattapoon’s, Greenfield’s own local Thai restaurant. I urge you to try their authentic, delicious, original Thai food. They’re threatening to go back to Thailand if they don’t get more business and I don’t know what I’ll eat if they close down! So please, stop by Hattapoon’s today and try out their Pad Thai. And then we’ll see you back at Mesa Verde tomorrow.”

Wow. How many businesses do you know that make radio announcements genuinely applauding their competition? I was blown away by the generosity (here, take some of our revenues), faith (we won’t go out of business if our customers go to your place from time to time) and wisdom (there’s enough profits to go around for all of us) of this simple statement. What a cool model: celebrate the competition.

And you know what I learned? Since those ads have aired, Hattapoon’s lines are out the door, and Mesa Verde’s business is booming. Talk about a win-win economy.

I’m going to Hattapoon’s for take-out tomorrow night when I pick up my kids after a long day with no time to cook. And it will be Burritos at Mesa Verde next week. Here comes the economic recovery! And cheap natural gourmet cuisines for this working momma and her family. Praise it all.

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