A Living Systems Approach

Posted by: Sara on Thursday, June 30, 2011.

To create a sustainable world, and to address pressing issues such as vulnerable food systems, climate change, energy demand, environmental degradation and more, requires us to see, understand and be guided by living systems.  Yet in school, most of us, including our industry and government leaders, were taught that the best way to understand a subject is to analyze it or break it up into parts.  When we don’t see and understand systems, we can find ourselves operating from crisis to crisis, where our “solutions” often only create more problems or make the original problem worse.


A key component of our upcoming River Story Leadership Institute for Personal and Global Transformation, will be honing our ability to work with systems, so that we can move beyond laundry lists and bullet points, to seeing patterns of interaction. This gives us a more clear understanding of the interdependent, complex world we live in and allows us to identify the highest leverage points for taking effective action in the systems we seek to transform.



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