Systems Maps of Thomas Friedman's article "The Big American Leak"

Posted by: Sara on Monday, December 13, 2010.

Tom Friedman speaks the language of Systems consistently in his NYT articles on the geo-political impact of our petroleum addiction. In the following systems diagrams, I map Mr. Friedman's recent article The Big American Leak.  For more on this approach, see Linda Booth Sweeney's Friedman Project. As I said in my submission to the NYT, we use the systems maps because we believe they may make Mr. Friedman’s powerful arguments even more accessible to readers.

Note if you are new to reading these pictures. The red arrows signify “goes up” or “goes down.” For example above, “As the US Petroleum Addiction goes up, our $$ to the Saudis go up” and “as US Military $$ to combat terrorists goes up, US $$ in R&D, Green Tech and Expertise go down.”





How do we escape from these vicious cycles? Where is the biggest “bang for the buck,” the largest ROI? Come clean off our addiction to Petroleum and invest big time in powerful Energy alternatives. The result: a life-saving virtuous cycle growing jobs, economic independence, security, and health.

In a few words:



Sara Schley
Wendell, MA

Anyone know how to get these pictures to Tom Friedman?


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