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Posted by: Sara on Friday, May 28, 2010.

Climate Interactive’s Drew Jones and Seed Systems’ Sara Schley invite you to join us for a new Workshop:
Leaders for a New Climate:
Systems Thinking and the C-ROADS Simulation
October 19-21
Boston, MA


For more information or to register now please go direct to:

Attend to develop your capacities in:

  • Systems thinking: Causal loop and stock-flow diagramming.
  • Leadership and learning: Vision, reflective conversation, consensus building.
  • Computer simulation: Using and leading policy-testing with the C-ROADS/C-Learn simulation.
  • Policy savvy:  Attendees will play the "World Climate" exercise.
  • Climate, energy, and sustainability strategy: Reflections and insights from international experts.
  • Business success stories: What’s working in the new low Carbon Economy and implications for you.
  • Build your network of people sharing your aspirations for Climate progress.

Participants will receive their own copy of the 3-region version of C-ROADS used in World Climate: C-Learn.

Finally, some wisdom paraphrased from our mentor, Dana Meadows:

Note to technical people: you will be asked to explore your vision of climate success and reflect deeply and critically on your assumptions about how to make it happen. It is good practice.

Note to less-technical people: you will be asked to explore the quantification of the biogeochemical and economic systems of energy and climate. It is good practice.

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