Goldi-locks' Crown Part 2

Posted by: Sara on Wednesday, May 26, 2010.

What do the ancestors know? What do the indigenous peoples of this planet who have lived sustainably for millennia know? What do the Grandmothers know? What do our sacred wisdom traditions from around the world -- the Mayans, the Kabbalists, the Tibetan Buddhists, the Lakota, the Taosists and so many more -- know? What is science telling us – from the biology of the world wide web of micro-organisms, to the physics of the butterfly’s wings, to the astronomy of the cosmos -- about how we’re all connected? Because at the confluence of all of this wisdom, experience, longevity and practice there must be clues for us, even a template, of how to live in harmony, peace and prosperity on this planet.




Were we created to self-destruct? I don’t believe so. As far as science knows to date, our small blue planet is unique in the Cosmos in this way: no other orbitting planet exists in the "Goldilocks Zone" relative to their "sun." Seems to tell us that all life on our home planet is a miracle. There must be an implicate order, a natural unfolding of life in service of life. I hold to this vision. What else should we do with our lives? There’s a biblical saying, “I set before you the blessing and the curse, therefore choose life.” Let's choose it.




In David McConville’s GeoDome presentation, he went on to share this: did you know that the Sun orbits around our Milky Way? I didn’t. It takes 230 million years for the Sun to make its trek. And human beings -- we’ve been around for a speck of that journey. I found this oddly uplifting. It’s as if we really are babies in our consciousness. Now growing up, now waking up to the miracle of the gift of life on this planet.




A picture of our Sun Orbiting the Milky Way:
















So here’s my question: since the long-term prognosis for life on this Earth is pretty dire at the moment and the destruction is perpetrated by our species, can we accelerate this wake-up call among all people and give birth to a new consciousness? What would this look like? What have you learned that works? Was there a moment in your own life when you woke up to the sacred nature of all life, your life?

Here’s my vision and I’d love to hear yours: We share these stories. Beginning with a presentation like David’s that shows us the mystery, grandeur and majesty of the Universe and planet Earth. Then we go to the indigenous wisdom traditions from around the world and hear elder practioners of those paths sharing their cosmology. We see how the prophecies of spirit and the empirical evidence of science converge on the same truths. Life is sacred. We are then able to understand and articulate some core principles of how to sustain life on this planet. And guess what? We then find and share inspiring stories of people and communities who are already living by these principles. I’m going to the Buckminster Fuller Convergence in Washington DC next week where visionaries enacting these projects will be highlighted and a $100,000 prize awarded to one. My friend Edie Farwell, a judge in last year’s competition reports, “You’ll walk away from there in tears of gratitude, high on what’s possible when inspired people work together for life on Earth.”  And I’m grateful for the invitation and opportunity to go. I’ll let you know what I find.

Vision continued: By now in the flow of this experience, you get the cosmos, the cosmology, the principles for life that emerge, and inspiring examples of people doing amazing things in harmony with and in service of those principle. Now it’s your turn. What’s your vision? What is your current reality and how do you bridge the gap between that and your vision. What emotional energy do you need to gather to walk this path? Who are your allies, advisors, partners and co-creators on the journey? What community do you sustain and sustains you? How do you cultivate self-nurturance in preparation for the inevitable moments of exhaustion, grief, anger or fear? What new resources do you need to enact your vision? And what’s your strategy and next step in making it happen? You get to address all of these questions and more in a community of colleagues and coaches who share your dreams. It's a cyclical process of insight, inspiration, reflection, action, learning and new insight.

Want to do it with me?

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