"I felt very fortunate to be part of that experience, with two masters driving the ship. And what a great group you guys attracted in the class. The mix of the personal, "soft" skills (collaboration, personal mastery, engagement styles, etc.) with the technical (mapping, feedback loops, stocks & flows, programming, etc.) was powerful. And it was a great moment when you mapped the loop of your personal story. Thank you!

-- John McGah, University of Massachusetts, Boston


"I've been sitting in a chair, with my journal, thinking about my purpose...trying to figure out what it is, now, nearly thirty years after the company was born. It feels so right to be here, focusing on sustainability."


--Eileen Fisher, Owner of Eileen Fisher 



"Sara is skilled and loving.  Strong, forthright, and supporting.  A woman connected to me from some other lifetime I imagine as I feel as though I have known her for a long time.  When she stepped me out of the scenario I had created to analyze it…to review it…and I looked into her eyes…it was as though we had done this before together.  There was a clarity in her eyes, a partnering that was so familiar to me.  A strength that connected to my strength."

-- Susan C Wilson, Healthy Inspiration-A Life Changing Decision




About Us

Sara Schley and Joe Laur created Seed Systems an international consulting company in 1994. Seed Systems uses a systems-in-action approach while working with individuals, teams, organizations, and networks to transform organizations and create a sustainable world.


Over nearly two decades, they have worked in business, non-profit, government and academic sectors; creating, designing, facilitating, teaching and coaching leadership programs and culture change initiatives all dedicated to creating a sustainable world. With Seed Systems as incubator for innovation, Sara and Joe were the co-creators of the SoL Sustainability Consortium in 1998, a network of companies and major corporations including Nike, Shell, Ford, WorldBank, Interface and many more, challenging each other to create best practices in the field.


Sara and Joe are the co-authors of The Necessary Revolution: How Individuals and Organizations are Working Together to Create a Sustainable World and Learning for Sustainability.

Sara Schley
Sara Schley - Co-founder of Seed Systems